what is Nuel

Nuel – New Fuel


  • Nuel save fuel consumption

  • Nuel reduces air pollution

  • Nuel improves the engine performance

  • Nuel, a perfect solution for all types of fuels


Nuel’s innovative development is protected by two patents

  • Nuel is Non-explosive and non-flammable

  • Nuel is A molecule in dedicated development

  • Nuel Significantly reduces the emission of hydrocarbon particles

Nuel represents an innovative solution meticulously crafted to mitigate the emission of pollutants during the engine’s combustion process. By seamlessly integrating our proprietary combustion enhancer directly into the fuel tank, users can promptly reap the advantages of our product.

Fuel, encompassing a diverse array of materials harboring significant potential energy, facilitates the efficient conversion of this energy into various forms such as heat or kinetic energy. Typically, this conversion unfolds through fuel combustion within an engine. However, the soot or vehicular exhaust pervasive in our daily environment comprises residues of fuel that failed to undergo complete combustion—a regrettable reality resulting in harmful inhalation. Alarmingly, carbon emissions from fuel combustion unleash a myriad of toxins, totaling a staggering count of 13, into the Earth’s atmosphere.


  • European market – Our development does not contain substances that are on the Ritz Technol blacklist

  • U.S.A market – in accordance with the required regulation