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  • Nuel An innovative development for all types of fuels that reduces the amount of emissions.

Meet our team

Shoham gabizon
Shoham gabizonCEO & Co-Founder
 Ph.D. Stela Gengrinovitch
Ph.D. Stela Gengrinovitch p.developer
Ph.D Nitza Galili
Ph.D Nitza GaliliCTO
Ofer Tzimchi
Ofer Tzimchi Senior Advisor to the CEO
Erez Mozafi
Erez MozafiAutomotive Manager
Tal rousso
Tal roussoSenior Advisor
Yoel Kenan
Yoel Kenan Legal Counsel

Science and research

Regulatory standardization and international laboratory tests

behind Nuel

 Nuel An innovative molecule that reduces air pollution

Research analysis

In Israel, one private car emits an average of 3 tons of carbon dioxide into the world’s air per year, in Israel there are 3.85 million vehicles.

Real time data

The testing process


NUEL the future with GHG reduction

Yes, it is possible, in Israel over 2,600 people die every year in Israel due transportation pollution, we can stop it today