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We specialize in developing green fuels that transform air pollution into economic value.

How air pollution turns into income

  • In the initial step, we address the source of pollution by improving the fuel itself, leading to enhanced combustion within the engine.

  • In the second step, we perform a precise calculation to determine the company’s carbon footprint.

  • In the third step, we submit the collected data to illustrate the differences between the scenarios with and without green fuel.

  • Once the data is verified by an international standardization body, the company can offset its carbon footprint or trade verified green points in global markets.

  • The company also benefits from a reduction in fuel consumption, averaging 10% or more. Additionally, there is a significant improvement in the maintenance and upkeep costs of the engines, resulting in savings on expensive spare parts.

Science and research

Regulatory standardization and international laboratory tests

behind Nuel

 Nuel An innovative molecule that reduces air pollution

Research analysis

The avarage carbon footprint in the US over the course of a year, average American emits 16 tons of greenhouse gasses

Real time data

The testing process


Saving fuel consumption






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Recent publications

Air pollution or diesel emission causes over 300 deaths each year in Israel only, the soot emission that comes out of the car exhaust contains 13 different types of poisons that are harmful to a person when breathing. Many studies show the damage of air pollution created by vehicles. Energy Save fights pollution by reducing pollution emissions with the Eco Save combustion improver. More information about pollution damage and our combustion enhancer

The Damages Caused by Carbon Dioxide Emissions

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