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Discover the future with clean fuel

How can we reduce air pollution

  • Reducing pollution from vehicles – by using NUEL, the burning process much efficient

  • fuel expenses – continuous use of the NUEL additive will save fuel consumption.

  • engine performance – Nuel is harmless.

  • measurement  – the product tested by intranational Laboratory.

Nuel Advanced Technologies was established in 2023 with a vision to reduce the amount of pollutant emissions from various of vehicles

Science and research

Regulatory standardization and international laboratory tests

behind Nuel

 Nuel An innovative molecule that reduces air pollution

Research analysis

In Israel, one private car emits an average of 3 tons of carbon dioxide into the world’s air per year, in Israel there are 3.85 million vehicles.

Real time data

The testing process


Saving fuel consumption






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Recent publications

Air pollution or diesel emission causes over 300 deaths each year in Israel only, the soot emission that comes out of the car exhaust contains 13 different types of poisons that are harmful to a person when breathing. Many studies show the damage of air pollution created by vehicles. Energy Save fights pollution by reducing pollution emissions with the Eco Save combustion improver. More information about pollution damage and our combustion enhancer

the world is fighting carbon emissions from vehicles

Global warming and the rise in oil prices around the world led to the search for solutions to save and prevent emissions from vehicles. By 2050, about 6 million people are expected to die as a result of air pollution. The global climate crisis and global warming

Saving fuel expenses and keeps the world cleaner

The use of fuel in our vehicles has developed into a significant component of household expenses, all while having a profound effect on the ongoing global warming crisis. As the world grapples with the environmental consequences of excessive fuel consumption, it is imperative that individuals, communities and governments address this critical issue. This article delves into the intersection of fuel consumption, its financial implications for households and its role in exacerbating global warming.

The Damages Caused by Carbon Dioxide Emissions

The global automotive industry has witnessed remarkable growth over the years, providing us with a vast array of vehicles to choose from. However, this surge in vehicular production and usage comes with a significant environmental cost, primarily in the form of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. This article sheds light on the damages caused by the release of carbon dioxide from vehicles and the need for sustainable transportation alternatives.

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